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A pair of MP15's work the yard at Lewisburg, WV.  Lewisburg is a division point where a classification yard is used to sort local traffic and build outbound blocks for through trains. 


Another view of Lewisburg Yard.  Lewisburg, WV, is located at about the midpoint of the CR&E mainline between Charleston, WV, and Danville, VA. 

An eastbound coal train passes through Glace, WV.  Glace is at the bottom of the mountain-climbing Loops that take the CR&E over the Alleghenies into Virginia. 

CR&E crew members enjoy the action in the Loops as trains meet at the siding on the mountain at Ridge, WV.

Trains meet on the mountain at Ridge, WV. 

A Georgia Power coal train snakes through the S curve at the siding located between Ridge and Coleman on the mountain.

A coal train is passing through Paint Bank, VA, the top of the grade and end of the pusher district from Glace, WV. 

An eastbound train crosses Johns Creek Viaduct as it begins to descend into the Roanoke valley. 

A westbound time freight passes through the interlocking at SJ Tower just west of New Castle, VA.  Here, the CR&E crosses the CSXT Shenandoah Division.  CSXT trackage rights coal trains use the connection track diverging to the right of the train.

Between Salem and Roanoke, VA, the CR&E mainline connects with the former Norfolk & Western mainline between Roanoke and Bluefield.  The station on the CR&E is known as N&W Junction. 


CR&E East End Stations
This station list is for the CR&E mainline territory between Lewisburg, WV, and Roanoke, VA. This covers most of the modeled portion of the railroad.
CRE Timetable 2 stations list master.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [16.4 KB]
K&N District Stations
This station list is for the Kessler & Northern District coal branch territory. The K&N District connects with the CR&E mainline at Meadow Bluff, WV, a few miles west of Lewisburg, WV.
KN District stations list.pdf
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