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Useful information for the operating crew is posted on this page.


The railroad operates using Digitrax DCC and can support corded, simplex radio, and duplex radio throttles up through the DT-400 and UT-4 series.  Newer 500 and 600-series throttles have not been fully tested and initial experience indicates they interfere with the signal system, so as of now they are not being used on the railroad.


Below are the station listings from the Employee Timetable for the mainline (Lewisburg-Roanoke District) and the Kessler & Northern (K&N District.)

Lewisburg-Roanoke District Stations
Kessler & Northern District Stations

Once assigned to a train, crews receive a packet with operating instructions along with the car cards and waybills associated with that train.  On the back of the laminated instruction card is a route map (not shown) which helps guide the operator along the railroad.

Car cards and waybills are shown here as filed into tracks at Lewisburg Yard.  Waybills are simplified one-cycle bills and are color-coded to help operators with routing.  Blue=Charleston, WV.  Yellow=Gauley Bridge, WV.  Red=Roanoke, VA.  Orange=Online mainline local industries.  Green=K&N District industries.  The "VIA" line on the waybill also helps with blocking. 

Station signs are placed on the fascia for wayfinding.  Green station signs such as the one shown here are used for signal names, whether they are dispatcher-controlled signals or automatic block signals.  


Station guides such as this one mounted above the west end of Lewisburg Yard show the names of the tracks, directions, and track diagrams for each location.  Directional labels are also located on the fascia.

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